Post Christmas Reflection

After one of the very few White Christmas's I can remember, the melting white is blinding through the window. I "see the light"!   This is the reflective week, one of my favorite weeks of the year,  where I transition from looking back at the year I just lived and all the things I did, places I went, and people I met, to a year ahead, where I don't know yet what I will enounter, but I can only dream and imagine. It's pretty schizophrenic.  Too much thought.   Better yet, maybe I should live this week like a cat or dog, in the very present moment, not thinking behind nor ahead.  That might be the best way to get through this week until next year.  

  No,  It's too hard for me to do that.  I have to at least think back.  It was a fine year, with alot of travelling.  A trip to the UK, east coast, E.TN, and out west for more than a month in New Mexico. New friends, new shows, three fun music camps to teach, a number of things checked off my bucket list. New songs, and lots of new paintings.  The year was not without it's losses....  a few friends checked out of this earthly hotel. Sad but not unexpected, for the most part.  My old dear cat Herschel moved on.  He was old and sick, and I was prepared.  But still sad.  i But I adopted a new barn kitty Pippa, and life moves forward, upward, and onward.  Is there an alternative?  I don't think so.  Certainly not.