Heat Wave

It's been the hottest, driest Junes I can remember in a while… My arms have grown stronger from carrying buckets of water to the poor plants, the poor orphan garden made of seedlings that friends and neighbors have given me, and the ornamental or food bearing plants that I've brought in over the years to dress up the bachelor farmstead.  I could easily spend all day long just tending to plants. And  I would easily agree to do that for a job, if I could earn a fair wage doing it. I feel like I'm doing something useful, by keeping something else alive.  I never was a grass/lawn waterer, but my heart goes out to those plants that give us back something to eat, even though if you crunch the numbers, buying a zucchini in the store is waaaay cheaper than the time and energy and water spent on keeping one alive.   In a way, the social media game is kind of like watering a dry, dying plant.  If I completely stop posting updates, funny stories, videos, photos, then my connection to the world will wither.  The inquiries for shows will stop coming in, orders for tshirts or art or music will dwindle.   If we dont have some kind of regular presence on the socials, folks will assume we've tied the laces  of our travellin shoes together and hung them from a high hook.  But honestly, my arms are growing tired of watering.  I am running out of things to say.  If it weren't for the antics of the animals, I'd have almost nothing at all to report.  At least that's how I feel right now…. the words coming out of my brain are like the last words left in the tube, and it takes all my energy of the thumb and forefinger to stroke them up out of my brain.  But tomorrow might be different.  Tomorrow might be a firehose of new things to talk about.  I hope you will stay tuned.  

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