A Year And a Half Later

My first blog post on my new website was written at the beginning of the Covid pandemic.  No one knew what was to come.  No one knew how long this was going to last.  No one knew how we were going to get through it, after all the concerts got cancelled. It's a year and a half later, and we all know alot more about the virus and its mysterious ways. But those existential questions are still not answered.  We are all still vertical and drawin' breath, still on the right side of the sod, and for that we are grateful.  We have lost a number of friends and heroes in the past year and a half.  Most were elderly, but some were our own ages, a true wake up call, and a couple were younger.  We lost some of our bigger shows this fall, but then we gained a few others.  That's a hopeful sign that the work might trickle back in.  Our concerts are mostly of the more intimate, indoor sort... small theaters where you can actually see folks faces and heckle them from the stage, and house concerts, which are our favorites.  I hope those will start trickling.... like the gentle autumn rain through the tarps on my still unfinished roof.