Ugh Resolutions!

I have never been successful with keeping New Year's resolutions. Maybe it's because I am trying to accomplish too many things.  I dance on too many weddings, play in too many bands, wear too many hats. Oh yeah, and I have too many pots on the fire.  All of those things all at once.  I started out making very ambitious resolutions, back when I first thought to even make one.  I didn't complete my big goals. They were too big, and too many things got in the way.  And then when I thought I finally learned my lesson about making ambitious resolutions, I tried to make a very lame, unambitious, EASY resolution.  It was “Eat an apple a day”.   I couldn't even keep with that one.  I made it about a week, till I ran out of the bag of apples, and I bought another bag, and it was yucky.  Winter apples generally dont taste good.  Even sometimes the organic ones.  Maybe I should have said “ eat a fruit a day”, so I could transition to Cutie tangerines when the apples got mushy and bland.  

So now I am faced with a new year, 2024.  And my list from two years ago got combined with the list from last year, and will now be combined with the list for this year, of ambitious things to do.  Most of these ambitious things require a little bit of money.  

1.  Get my old Subaru Loyale wagon fixed and driving.  

2.  Clean out my house, and especially my painting porch, so that the rest of the serious repairs can be done.  

3. Paint all the commissioned paintings, so that I'll have money to do the first two things on the list.  

4.  Record a new cd or two, of all the unrecorded songs that have piled up in the last 15 years. Lots.   

5.  Paint a painting a day,  to be sold so that I can have money to record a CD.   

6.  Ride my horse Pal every week, so that I can get in good shape to have the energy to paint a painting a day, so that I'll have money to record a new cd, fix my old car, and repair my house.  

7.  Build a storage shed to store some of the stuff I clean out of my house, or that can be turned into a place to paint large works, since it seems many people want large works, and I have no place to paint them.   

8. Eat an apple a day, and when the apples get mushy give them to Pal who I am supposed to be riding every week, to build up the strength to build a shed, fix my house, fix my car, painting a painting a day, and record a new cd.  

And so on……. so you see, it gets really complicated when I start making lists of resolutions.  The leg bone is connected to the knee bone.  And it's also connected to the ankle bone.  It's all connected.  At some point your brain can't process it all, and your leg bones can't support you, and then you just have to flop on the couch and rest.  And eat an apple.   

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